Infrared Pipe Forming

Infrared Forming Machines

The left image below is a photograph of the old design of a double sided infrared machines.

The other 2 images are renders of the latest design of machine.

The single sided machine is loaded from one side only, the double sided machine has a forming jig on each side, whilst one is forming the other jig is in a position to be unloaded and loaded ready for the next cycle.

We have introduced air chillers to ensure the cooling air temperature is controlled. The heat is created by using a bank of infrared heaters.

Double Sided Infrared Machine Single Sided Infrared Machine Double Sided Infrared Forming Machine

Infrared Forming Jigs

This is a small selection of some infrared forming jigs.

The benefits of this process are the ability to form any length with any number of bends. It is very fast and clean.

This process has been used extensively for the production of air suspension lines, these are small diameter, long pipes often running the length of the vehicle with many tight bends

The length of the part has no bearing on the cycle time, the average cycle time for this process is 60 seconds

Infrared Jig 1 Infrared Jig 2 Infrared Jig 3