Assembly Machines

Our machines can assemble a vast array of pipe diameter and length with complex fitting housing.

The parts are loaded into the clamping jaws under spring pressure, the spring pressure allows the pipes to be loaded safely and greatly reduces the chance of damaging the pipes.

Once the parts are loaded and the operator comes out of the light guard to press the start buttom, the air pressure is activated and the cycle starts.

The tube position is controlled during the loading process, the pipe is flared out at the end of the tube just enough to allow for the fitting to be inserted.

The end of the pipe is held in position to ensure the internal surface of the pipe is not damaged during assembly.

Our variants:

• Manual single pipe assembly

• Anti RSI Manual single pipe assembly

• Fully automated double pipe assembly

• Fully automated triple pipe assembly

Manual Assembly Machine

Manual Assembly Machine

This machine is a simple to operate manual assembly machine.

1. The tube jaws and fitting holders can be changed in seconds.

2. The insertion depth is controlled via a tube stop.

The tube is placed in the jaws against a tube stop. The clamp is operated which locks the tube in position. The fitting is placed into the fitting holder. The right hand clamp is pulled across which operates the swage tool, this flares out the tube making it ready for the fitting insertion. The carriage is manually moved across and the fitting is inserted.

Simple slip on/off fitting holder and flare tool, jaws can be changed with 3 bolts

Machine Footprint - 1080mm x 670.

FEL Assembly Machine

Anti RSI Manual Assembly Machine

This machine is now our standard manual assembly machine. Designed to eliminate RSI by combining three new methods.

1. Almost nine-times the output force of the operator.

2. Ambidextrous system.

3. The insertion force is a pulling motion.

We have greatly increased the output of manual force, with a new ratio of 8.6 -1. The load force is now a pull motion that is easier for the operator. The two blue handles are connected so that an operator can use their left or right muscle group, however they see fit, to assemble fittings. The machine is fitted with parts storage, a batten light and adjustable castor wheels for extra practicality.

Simple slip on/off fitting holder and flare tool, jaws can be changed with 3 bolts

Machine Footprint - 1080mm x 670.

Double Pipe Assembly Machine

Double Pipe Assembly Machine

The machine shown in the render was manufactured to assemble 2 fittings in 1 operation.

The machine was configured to assemble a fitting on each end of the same pipe, every operation would produce a completed part.

Triple Pipe Assembly Machine

Triple Pipe Assembly Machine

This machine inserts up to 3 different fittings at the same time, these are large diameter fittings, they require a great deal of pressure to insert them into the tubes. When this was a manual operation the operators complained that the force required to assemble a single fitting into the tube was too great, doing this occasionally was OK, but it was not possible over a full shift.

We made the decision to insert 3 fittings in 1 operation so a single machine was able to keep up with the forming process. Using this assembly machine means we could guarantee the quality of each insertion.