Bespoke Machine Build

We have designed and manufactured various types of bespoke machines. All the machines we supply are delivered with all the relevant UKCA or CE marking and maintenance/instruction manuals. Using the "UKCA or CE marking for machinery" ensures that all the designs comply with the relevant UK or European Directive standards.

Forefront Engineering can supply fully automatic assembly machines with bowl feeder loading and after assembly 100% testing, these can run with minimal operator input to improve profitability and quality control. These machines can run at speed without compromise.

We also manufacture simple manual assembly machines where the volume does not require automation.


O Ring Presence

There are 4 different fittings checked by this machine. The hopper is filled with the fittings, these are transfered to the bowl feeder and then presented to the vision system which checks to make sure the correct fitting is in the machine, it then checks to ensure the correct O Ring is fitted in the correct position.

If it is all correct a positive action moves the good part into a collection bin. If it is the wrong part or there is a problem with the O ring it will go into the rejected bin.

There is a HMI for the operator to select the type of fitting for inspection and the number of parts to check can be set, once this number is reached the machine will display this and allow the operator to place a new bag into the good parts bin and restart the machine.

Bead and Insertion Machine

Bead and Insertion Machine

This machine incorporates a hydraulic intensifier.

Its purpose is to form a bead on a plastic pipe, then insert a brass sleeve into the pipe. A sensor is used to ensure the orientation of the brass sleeve. If the machine detects a bad insertion the bad part must be placed into the scrap bin before the machine will assemble the next part. As with all machines that have moving parts, the only access into the machine is monitored with light guards to ensure 100% safety.

Ball Checking Machine

Ball Presence Machine

This machine checks for the presence of a plastic ball in a rollover valve fitted to a fuel system. A vision system is used to detect the presence of a single ball, if no ball or more than one ball is in the rollover valve the machine will place the bad part in the red bin, all good parts are dropped into the green bin.

The action of placing the parts in either bin is made via a stepper motor.

Leak Tester

Leak Tester

Visual leak detector.

This machine is not a pressure decay style of leak test machine, we were asked to manufacture a visual leak tester. The plastic component had a fitting pressed into the body and our customer wanted a quick visual check to ensure it was fitted correctly